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Is Your Internet Running Slow? Maybe the Reason is…

Imagine a scenario in which you are either having a video conference with an important client, streaming your favorite show, or in the middle of an action packed game. And then suddenly you get interrupted by slow internet. Frustrating, isn’t it?

At this point, if the task is critical enough, most people would take their computer to their local computer repair shop to have the problem fixed because they might mistakenly think that the actual problem lies within the computer.

But have you considered that the problem might be not with your computer but with your internet?

Internet has become such an instrumental and ever present part of our lives that we have begun to take it for granted. There are certain things that can cause havoc with your internet connection and cause it to run slow.

Read the following list to find out what they are, so that you can rectify them, and in effect, make your internet work at top speed again.

  • Wireless Connection

The best thing about wireless connections is that you can you use internet on multiple devices without having to be in a certain area, or without being bogged down with wires. But problems arise if you leave your network completely open, which will make your devices vulnerable to viruses and security breaches. That is why you should refrain from connecting your device to a network till you have ensured that it is secure.

  • Incorrect Setups

Most internet related problems arise from not applying the proper network settings. There is a simple enough fix for it. Open the network settings and go through all the options one by one, when a problem pops up, just follow the instructions detailed to solve the issue.

  • Numerous Devices

You cannot connect an indefinite number of devices to the wireless router. Most of them come with a specific range and specific number of devices. Try to limit yourself to that number. If there are any extra devices then disconnect them right now, otherwise the internet will keep on running slow.

  • Viruses

And finally the leading reason why internet slows down: viruses. Your system can get infected with viruses when browsing restricted sites, downloading UN-verified software, outdated anti-virus protection, etc. Accumulation of viruses, spyware and adware attack the memory of the computer, which strongly impacts the device’s connectivity. This also happens to be one the easiest problems to solve. Get a good anti-virus and scan your computer regularly.

If none of these tips seem to work then don’t worry. Call us immediately (732) 903-4385. Our services include residential computer repairsmall business computer repairremote assistance, and web consulting/design services.