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Laptop Repairs

Laptop repairs may be required for many reasons. If software repairs are required then there is no difference between repairing a laptop and repairing a desktop. However, if hardware repairs are required, there is more difficulty due to the reduction of space in a laptop.

Laptop Software Repairs

Laptop repairs of software. Viruses, Trojans, Ad-ware or damaged Windows System Software can all cause your laptop computer to run slowly and require repair. At the very least, owners ought to backup their personal files, as (sooner or later) there will be a problem with your software. Software doesn’t last forever even though we like to think it does.

Sometimes software can simply get corrupted through wear and tear.

Laptop Hardware Repairs

Laptop repairs of hardware are more difficult than repairing a desktop. There may be power connector faults, monitor faults, hinge faults, or faults of any component parts.

Dropping a laptop is not advisable, and neither is dropping coffee on a laptop!

If you do spill coffee on it. Turn it off, take the battery out, leave it a couple of days to dry out, and pray!

Motherboard- faults are very common, as are monitor and screen faults. These may not be too expensive to repair if they are repairable, but may need to be replaced. Keyboard & mouse faults are more difficult than on a desktop, where you can just throw away and buy new, for they are an integral part of the machine, with a different cost for every make and model.

Broken cases & hinges are a problem that is more aesthetic than practical. That is to say, your laptop still actually works, but it looks rubbish! Sometimes new cases can be difficult to obtain from manufacturers, and often a good second-hand case will suffice.

If the hard drive on your laptop goes, it may still be possible to recover your data as long as you don’t cause additional damage. So turn it off and leave it off until a laptop repairer has had an opportunity of looking at it. A reputable repairer will take the hard drive out and copy all the data they can off it before they even look at it.