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Residential Computer Repairs

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Residential Computer Repairs

Professional and Skilled Computer Technicians at your Doorstep

Playing World of Warcraft or just browsing the internet can be a real pain if your system refuses to cooperate. Get professional and quality IT support in your home with Shore Tech. Our skilled technicians are available day and night to solve computer issues and answer any questions you may have. No need to take your system all the way to a repair shop when you can just call us to set an appointment and we will send our skilled personnel to your doorstep.

Besides a full hard drive, there may be other reasons why your PC is running slow. Rather than damage your system more than it already is, just send for us and we will pinpoint and fix the issues. Your system will run smooth as silk after, that we promise. We can also set up your printer, remove malware, offer recommendations on the ideal software/hardware for your systems and even automate your home to make it more comfortable and convenient.

Home Support

Don’t bring your computer to a repair shop, we’ll come to you! Just give us a call today and we will set up an appointment to come to your home or office and fix all of your technical issues.

Remote Support

Need help right now? We can do that too! If you need immediate assistance we can remotely fix your issues quickly and professionally via a remote connection. For a small one time fee most issues can be fixed remotely over the internet no matter where you are located.

PC Running Slow

Are you having issues with startup or loading applications? We can fix these issues and teach you best practices to maintain the speed we achieved. We will fully diagnose the issues and provide immediate results.

Setting Up New Hardware

Just bought a new Apple airport? We can set it up for you! We’ll show you how to use your new technology purchases and make sure they’re set up right the first time.

Reinstall an Operating System

Want to update to the newest version of Windows, or just format and start fresh? We can do all of this. We can also help you with your Mac updates bootcamp issues.

Get your new home/office online

Just moved? Need help getting set up for the first time? We can contact your ISP (Internet service provider) and work with them to set things up and get you online today!

Setting Up A Home Network

Own more then one computer? Or internet connected devices, such as an Apple TV? We can link everything together on one network including printers, scanners, servers etc. We will create an entire home network just for you.

Remove Virus/Spyware Removal

The amount of virus’, malware, spyware etc on the internet today is growing by the second. We’re here for you to help a. identify the threat b. remove the threat c. prevent it in the future We can protect you, your family and your data from a hacker or malware that tries to damage your files or steal personal information.

Need help with a purchasing decision?

We will provide a detailed analysis of the best hardware and software on the market today and make suggestions based on your needs. We can even help find you better deals/discounts.

Software Issues

Constant error messages on startup? Can’t load certain files? We’ll figure out why these errors are occurring and fix them once and for all.

Backup Solutions

Do you backup your data? Do you know why you should? We will create a custom backup plan for all of your data on your home or office pc network. We can even create a central backup for all of your devices in your home or office.

Add Memory/New Hard Drive

Need to swap out a failed hard drive? Want to boost performance by adding memory? We can do all of this. Call today to schedule an appointment.


Want a home server? Already have an office server? We are trained on the Apple OS Server but can troubleshoot most Microsoft and Linux connectivity or file server issues. Call us today and let’s discuss your issue.

Home Automation

This is the buzz word of the day. Everyone wants the internet of things in their home. We can help you set up locks, sprinkler systems, garage door openers, lights, home theaters etc. We can network them all and train you on how to use your new technology!

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