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Top 6 Computer Security Mistakes Most of Us Make at the Office

Unless employees are made to understand the significance of computer security, they mostly keep on ignoring it. Sometimes it is done intentionally, while most of the time it is not.

What most employees fail to understand is that the computers they are working on contain sensitive data that is imperative to their company’s growth and success. And that all computers in their vicinity are connected through a network. Even the slightest negligence on their part could breach the security and cost the company a lot.

That is why it is important that employees follow the security protocols dictated to ensure that they remain secure at all times.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure just that.

  1. Downloading Illegal Software

It’s a temptation most people don’t even try to resist. But if you were told beforehand that these supposedly ‘free software’ come carrying adware, malware, viruses and other hidden programs, then you might think differently. Most of these hidden programs are specifically designed to scan and steal personal information. So be wary and buy legal software.

  1. Simple Passwords

If you are like the majority of computer users, then your password is probably one of these:

  • 1234
  • Abcd
  • Iloveyou
  • Password
  • iamthebest
  • Or the a birth date/ anniversary date

Most people choose these passwords because they are easy to remember. That they might be, but they are also incredibly easy to guess or crack. To make your password untraceable, make it alphanumeric, meaning that it should contain letters as well as numbers. Also, make sure that it has a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

  1. Repeated Passwords

Even if your password is super strong, you might still be making a very common mistake – using the same password for just about everything. Yes, it is hard to remember different passwords for different accounts, but consider this: if somehow your passwords leaks, then the security of your official account, your bank account, and even your private email account will be completely compromised.

  1. Not Using Anti-Virus

The main and only purpose of an anti-virus program is to keep your computer safe from all types of attacks. The price of a good anti-virus is not nearly as much as the benefits you will reap from it. So get one today.

  1. Ignoring Updates

Most of the updates carry security patches within them. They identify the vulnerable spots in your computer and fortify them. Not updating routinely will make your computer weaker and more vulnerable.

  1. Visiting Unsecure Websites

If you have an anti-virus installed and it indicates the website you are trying to access is not secure, then heed the warning. You never know what type of adware, malware or virus you might download accidentally.

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